Saturday, February 4, 2012

YA Book to Movie News

When you read a book you visualize the characters, their surroundings and everything else.  Our imaginations are far better than any movie production can come up with.

For example with Divergent one of my favorite scenes in the book is when Tris is looking at the Dauntless kids jumping from the train.  It might not be the best scene from the book but for me just imagining that dangerous stunt would be amazing to watch on screen.  

In The Mortal Instruments my favorite scene is the first.  I was sucked in with that opening at The Pandemonium Club.   Clary is with her friends and she sees Jace for the first time.  Isabel in her white gown, the glimpse of her tattoos and just Jace...  

After many imaginary scenes and visuals I get goose bumps whenever one of my favorite books is announced to be translated to the  Big Screen.

This week has buzzing with one of my favorite series.  Beautiful Creatures from authors Kami Garcia & Maggie Stohl  have their movie adaption in process.  News of casting has flodded the web.  I cannot wait to see what happens and if my favorite scenes appear on the movie.

With only a little over a month to see The Huger Games and contantly stalking the web for news about the TMI movie I can only hope that well see more movie adaptations soon.

For now here are the links to the recent YA books to movie news.

The Mortal Istruments

Beautiful Creatures

The Humger Games


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