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Cover Reveal Dare you To by Katie McGarry

If you read Pushing the limits you are just like me waiting for a sequel desperately.  Luckily it's coming and we have a tease with this amazing blurb and sequel cover.

Expected Publication Date:  May 28th 2013 by Harlequin Teen

"I dare you..."

If anyone knew the truth about Beth Risk's home life, they'd send her mother to jail and seventeen-year-old Beth who knows where. So she protects her mom at all costs. Until the day her uncle swoops in and forces Beth to choose between her mom's freedom and her own happiness. That's how Beth finds herself living with an aunt who doesn't want her and going to a school that doesn't understand her. At all. Except for the one guy who shouldn't get her, but does....

Ryan Stone is the town golden boy, a popular baseball star jock-with secrets he can't tell anyone. Not even the friends he shares everything with, including the constant dares to do crazy things. The craziest? Asking out the Skater girl who couldn't be less interested in him.

But what begins as a dare becomes an intense attraction neither Ryan nor Beth expected. Suddenly, the boy with the flawless image risks his dreams-and his life-for the girl he loves, and the girl who won't let anyone get too close is daring herself to want it all...

Goodreads - Amazon

About the Author...

KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

Katie would love to hear from her readers. Contact her via her website,, follow her on Twitter @KatieMcGarry, or become a fan on Facebook and Goodreads

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Cover Reveal: The Valentine's Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich

Cover Reveal: The Valentine's Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich



     With the freezing cold temperatures and the achromatic scenery, Fort Drum New York is the epitome of a dull and dreary winter; that is until cupid’s annual vomit infects the city with pink and red and yes, hearts and flowers.
                Ronnie Clark, an edgy tattoo artist with hopes of high tailing it out of this forsaken Military town she followed her now ex-fiancĂ© to, is counting down the days until Valentine’s Day is over. Valentine’s Day is for hopeless romantics and pathetic saps, and Ronnie couldn’t be farther away from either. Ronnie doesn’t do love.  She doesn’t do flowers or dates, and she sure as hell doesn’t do romance.  After her fiancĂ© slept with a female solider while deployed, she has vowed never to fall in love again, especially with a soldier.

                But as karma, fate, or the mocking divine powers of the universe would have it, her promise is put to the test when she is scheduled to do a tattoo on Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson.

SFC Emerson has no family to come home to and no girlfriend anxiously waiting for him, so when he returns to the states for R&R he only has one thing on his mind, returning to his deployment to finish leading his soldiers on their mission. The last thing Emerson wants is a relationship.  Relationships aren’t for him, but casual sex, that’s a different story.   And when he meets the renowned tattoo artist Ronnie Clark, a snarky, blunt, takes no prisoners kind of woman, that seems to be all he can think about.

Against Ronnie’s best efforts to withstand temptation, she finds herself not only attracted to the clean cut, put together Kale Emerson, but she finds herself giving into the very thing she has sworn against; a soldier.  Holed up in her house, determined to hide away from the fluff and mush that inhabits Valentine’s Day, Ronnie gets a little carried away with Kale when he surprises her with a visit.  After intense mind blowing sex makes Ronnie slam on the breaks and leaves Kale needing more, they decide the only way to continue this and keep true to their no romance or relationship mottoes would be to come up with an agreement; a just sex policy, their very own Valentine’s arrangement.

But when Kale realizes he has met his match with a bombshell woman who is hell bent against love, will just sex be enough?  And if it’s not, will he be able to convince Ronnie that the proverbial hearts and flowers aren’t so bad after all, even if he is a soldier? 

Expected publication date: January 2013

Check out Kelsie Leverich: GOODREADSBLOG 


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Waiting on Wednesday - Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

How much is too much to love? Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.
 In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. Just when he thought he was invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Jamie McGuire's New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it's time to see the story through Travis's eyes...

Reserve your copy on Amazon here:

Big Xmas Givewaway (Ebook Package One)

Hey guys I am going to do three giveaways throughout the Holidays.  This is my first giveaway and I hope you enjoy it.  It will be a pack of three amazing eBooks I have grown to love.  


If you want to win these eBooks be sure to enter the rafflecopter application below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Teaser Tuesday - Dizzy by Jolene Perry & Nyrae Dawn

Dylan doesn’t do relationships. He and his older brother watched their dad go through hell and back, so they made a pact years ago—no girl would come between the Gibson boys. But his brother sells out. He's getting married anyway. To the sister of a chick Dylan met at a party, who's probably the angriest girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, she happens to be hot, too.

Ziah’s life is upside down—her safe boyfriend turns out to be not-so-safe, and now her sister is getting married before college is over to the older brother of a spoiled, party boy who drives her crazy. And also makes her heart beat too fast.

There’s no denying the attraction, but there's also no denying how much they irritate each other. When they’re thrown together as forced wedding planners, they find an ally in each other--neither wants this wedding to happen.

But instead of putting a stop to the crazy nuptials they find themselves at fittings and cake testing. And maybe even…a few dates?
Dizzy is a novel about what happens when two people who are determined not to fall in love, maybe do anyway. Maybe

My Teaser:  

"Hey" Only the rain is coming down so hard I have to speak it, not whisper

"Hey" His eyes hit me, and I know that look better than anything.  There's no way he's not thinking about me the way I'm thinking about him.

His arms come around me, and I shouldn't want them to but I do.  It feels so good to let him hold me.  Better than I remembered, or maybe it's just that I've thought about this way more time than I should. 


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Cover Reveal Breaking Waves by Danielle Sibarium

Expected publication date is January 10th 2013.

From the moment they met, Jenna knew Reece would break her heart, but she never dreamed it would happen like this. Jenna is left shattered and broken. When life becomes too painful to deal with and she feels completely alone, there’s only one person to help her pick up the pieces and move on. The one person she doesn’t want to turn to. The one person she promised to stay away from. Tyler.
Can Jenna put aside everything she knows about him and let Tyler help heal her broken heart?

You can purchase the books here:

Purchase Heart Waves for the Nook by clicking here
Purchase Heart Waves from Amazon by clicking here

About the author:

Danielle Sibarium grew up as an only child of divorced parents in Brooklyn, New York. Her imagination was developed at an early age. Surrounded by stuffed animals and imaginary friends, she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarves, or Cinderella waiting for the prince.

Danielle always loved dialogue and in elementary school began writing plays and short stories. This is when she began to understand she could not only bring her fantastical world to life for herself, but she could enchant others as well. And so she wrote. She wrote and wrote and wrote.

Sadly the first piece she ever sent out for publication of any sort was a letter to the editor of The Home News Tribune. It was a piece thanking the first responders for their bravery and selflessness on Sept 11th. It was chosen as letter of the week.

In 2007 Danielle collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand, and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.

Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors, and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

Danielle Sibarium
For Always – Now available *Amazon *Nook

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Freebie Sunday - Free Ebooks to feed your reader

On this Freebie Sunday ... I provide a few options to read this week. Just sit down relax in your favorite corner and read away.
Remember these books might not be free tomorrow, so hurry up and download your copy now.  Please read before downloading some of these books are not in the YA Genre.

Hey guys today instead of YA options I have Contemporary Romance titles that are free.  Please be advised that these have mature content.



Love Will Find a Way by Barbara Freethy

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes an emotional and romantic story of love and family.

Rachel fell in love at nineteen with a man who came into her life on a whirlwind of sunlight and romance. She married Gary Tanner, had his son, and thought she would live happily ever after. But fate had other plans. Gary died in a tragic accident … at least she thought it was an accident. Now, there are questions that need to be answered, and only one man she can turn to, Gary's best friend, Dylan.

Rachel was everything Dylan Prescott wanted in a woman. But Gary met her first, so she became untouchable. For years he stayed away from her. Now Rachel is a widow, her marriage is over, and she turns to him for help. The passion he feels for her is no longer out of his reach. The life he always wanted is beckoning to him, but when the secrets come out, will their love find a way to survive?

(This is a full length novel of 100,000 words)

If you are interested in this title please click here:



Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Dalia Moon 


Afternoon radio show host Nora Scott has always considered herself an ugly duckling, and the prosthetic foot she wears on her right leg isn't helping.

When she's on the air, as a faceless voice, she's Eugene, Oregon's favorite personality. Off the air, she's ... not so great, hiding her face and failing to connect with a guy for more than one night.

Now she's being pursued by two men, a work friend who wants to be more than friends, and the guy she loved when she was fourteen, before the accident.

Nora must figure out what she really wants, as well as how much she can forgive.
Note: This book was originally released under the name Tony J Winn, which is a pen name of prolific, bestselling indie author Dalya Moon.

If you are interested in this title please click here:



Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson


"Quirky, irreverent and laugh-out-loud hilarious, Rhonda Nelson speaks my language!" --New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vintage Rhonda Nelson! Though Rhonda is known more recently for her sexy, romantic comedies she began her career writing funny, heart-warming romance for Kensington's Precious Gems line. The books were only sold in Wal-Mart and spent less than a month on the shelves. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of digital publishing, they're available again.

Runaway bride Louisa Honeycut is looking for a quick escape when she passes the Double Dare, Inc sign and the slogan "Are you ready for the time of your life?" seems like divine intervention. Sheltered by her overbearing father, Louisa has years of catching up to do and can think of no better person than gorgeous Sam Rawlins to show her. Is she ready for the time of her life? Hell, yes.

Ordinarily unflappable adventure guide Sam Rawlins makes his living showing the wealthy how to have fun, but nothing in his experience could have prepared him for the "adventure" Louisa Honeycut asks for. He might be showing Louisa the time of her life, but the quirky little snack-cake heiress is soon turning Sam's own life upside down...and perversely, he likes the new vantage point.

If you are interested in this title please click here:




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Opal ARC Giveaway!

Jennifer Armentrout has a giveaway on her blog for a printed copy of Opal the next installment in The Lux Series.  Sweet right!  Head on over to her blog for more information or follow the link below to enter.

Goodluck Guys!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wishing you the very best on this day and hoping you have a safe and amazing time.  I am thankful to all of you for your amazing support!

Trailer Thursday Thanksgiving Edition!



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Opal by Jennifer Armentrout Trailer Reveal!

No one is like Daemon Black.
When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well... There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love. After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger... and they know it.

(Insert Jennifer’s Picture) USA TODAY Bestselling author, Jennifer L. Armentrout, lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell, Loki. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She also writes adult romance under the name J. Lynn.

Find Jennifer on: Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Blog

Cover Reveal - The Forgotten Princess by Stina Rubio

Amaya is a seventeen-year-old girl, who is anything but normal. Her father abandoned her as an infant, leaving her to be raised by a verbally abusive mother, who--by the way is never sober. Leaving her to defend herself, Causing Amaya to become a social outcast.

One night while walking home from a party, Amaya was struck by a car while crossing the street, leaving her in a coma.

When she wakes in the hospital a few days later, she is visited by a very strange-but-handsome man. When left alone he starts telling Amaya her life is more then what it seems. There is a Prophecy telling of a fogotten princess who will save his clan, the Suisuni Indians.

Eli, the strange yet very sexy man, is suppose to be Amaya's soul mate; the one who she is to marry.
With nothing else to lose Amaya sets out on a journey with Eli, a journey of unanswered questions; a journey to find her absent father.

Along the way Eli teachs Amaya who she is, and introduces her to a world of magic and myths.

Will Amaya be able to handle all the pressure that everyone is placing on her shoulders?

Will she be able to forgive the father who left her?

More importantly will she be able to live up the the prophecy of the forgotten princess?

The Prophecy:

On a day in September,
our world will be gone forever,
Unless we can find,
The one person lost in time,
A Princess who he shall bear,
With traits from her mother; fair,
A moment lost in time,
That we must diligently find,
born to another,
A warrior like no other,
He shall be the lost princesses fate,
Side by side they fight,
True soul mates,
Trained to love and protect,
Her warrior is the key to her merriment,
Love is the truth,
Death is the way,
Together they fight,
Together they slay,
Two souls one destiny,
Together and only together,
Will they bring peace and harmony

About the Author:

Stina is the mother of three energetic boys (Daniel Jr. age 8, Zion age 6, Ezra age 1) they are her everything, the Princes' of her heart. She has been with her husband Daniel for 11 yrs., and still going strong. The only other thing in her life she loves with a passion is writing, well and reading. She started writing poems and short stories, her short stories geting negative attention from teachers, thinking Stina was demented. Writing has always came easy to Stina because her imagination always runs wild.This is going to be Stina Second book she has wrote, but The Forgotten Princess is going to be the first one released.


Facebook blog

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Teaser Tuesday - Fury by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should  Be Reading. Anyone can play along, so I thought  I  would play for fun! Just do the following:          
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on  that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away!   You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can  add the book to their TBR  Lists  if they  like your teaser. 

For years, Cheyenne Carson clawed her way up from her meager upbringing and strove to distance herself from the skeletons of her past. Finally success is within her grasp.

A journalist for the music magazine, The Sound Wave, the assignment of a lifetime just landed in her lap. An all access pass to tour with the British rock band, Fury. Their latest album went triple platinum and they've never granted interviews.

Once her assignment begins, Fury's tour explodes in a Molotov cocktail of sex, scandal, and violence that threatens to ruin Fury's quest for worldwide success. Can Cheyenne navigate her treacherous path unscathed, or will the demons of her past poison her blossoming career?

My Teaser:

"...your fans hardly know anything about you. My article will deliver the personalities to go with the faces they have on their walls. Colorful personalities to say the least."


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Freebie Sunday - Books to feed your Ereader

On this Freebie Sunday ... I provide a few options to read this week. Just sit down relax in your favorite corner and read away.
Remember these books might not be free tomorrow, so hurry up and download your copy now.  Please read before downloading some of these books are not in the YA Genre.

WIN A KINDLE FIRE HD (Value of 200$)!

Download, find the secret phrase, and enter it into the contest link embedded in the ebook.

Curl up this holiday season and sample 14 bestselling young adult books.

14 YA authors compiled this special gift for their readers. The holiday sampler includes excerpts from YA's bestselling books - all wrapped up in one neat little package.

Whether you like paranormal, romance, mythology, or thrillers, "Jingle all the YA" gives you a taste of it all.

This sampler includes:

Chelsea M. Cameron - Nocturnal (When seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan meets a mysterious boy in a cemetery who isn't human, she'll have to decide whether a relationship with him is worth the risk to her own mortality.)

GP Ching - Grounded (A modest seventeen-year-old girl discovers she's the product of a government experiment, when her father's illness causes her to leave her isolated community.)

Shelly Crane - Significance (Because you are my significant, my soul mate, and I'm yours.)

Chelsea Fine - Anew (Sometimes love is meant to be, but is the death of you.)

Jessie Harrell - Destined (When Psyche destroys the one relationship she can't live without, she must journey alone through ancient Greece and face the wrath of the gods if she wants to reclaim an immortal love.

Ella James - Here

S.R. Johannes - Untraceable (When Grace's forest ranger father goes, missing, she fights officials and nature to find out what happened, uncovering a conspiracy that changes her small town forever.)

Tiffany King - Forever Changed

M. Leighton - Fragile (Her heart, as delicate as glass. His love, as strong as steel. Can either survive life and death?

Addison Moore - Ethereal (An entire faction of earthbound angels wants 16 y/o Skyla Messenger dead, at least she still has Logan, a boy who shares her gift of telepathy, or does she?)

Jessica Sorenson - Ember (What if you knew when someone was going to die?)

Raine Thomas - Becoming (When Amber Hopkins discovers that ancient gods, avenging angels and other beings of myth and legend all exist, she doesn't realize that her life is only going to get more complicated from there.)

RaShelle Workman - Exiled (Worlds divided them. Chance brought them together. Only love will save them.)

Samantha Young - Smokeless Fire (One girl's fiery battle with ancient deadly creatures, epic family drama and heart-wrenching romantic entanglements.)

Download this sampler:

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Farewell to Twilight...

As a teenager I used to read loads of books and loved it but somehow while transitioning into an adult I stopped.  When Twilight came out as a movie for the first time my husband rented it for me and we sat down to watch.  I can honestly say this was it for me...

I ran the next day to the nearest book store and bought New Moon immediately falling in love with the characters and their world.  I finished the book in two days and when on to the next and so forth.   It honestly made me come back alive.  Reading these stories made me feel like I had found something long lost a while ago.  It goes without saying that thanks to Twilight I began reading like a maniac and blogging my brains off about the books I loved.

I have been a Twi hard since after Twilight came out and for every movie I have made a spectacle out of it.  It has been female bonding, friend making and oh so much eye candy fun.  These past years will never be forgotten. I cannot even say how many people I've meet just by talking about Twilight.

Last night  I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2.  It is bittersweet and very sad to say goodbye but it was a worth it.  So here is my farewell to one of my favorite series in the history of time.

Farewell Edward, Bella & Jacob!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cover Reveal Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

Samantha Rousseau is used to getting her hands dirty. Working toward a master’s degree in wildlife biology while helping take care of her sick father, she has no time for celebrity gossip, designer clothes, or lazy vacations. So when a duchess from the small country of Lilaria invites her to dinner, Samantha assumes it’s to discuss a donation for the program. The truth will change the course of her life in ways she never dreamed.

 Alex D’Lynsal is trying to keep his name clean. As crown prince of Lilaria, he’s had his share of scandalous headlines, but the latest pictures have sent him packing to America and forced him to swear off women—especially women in the public eye. That is, until he meets Samantha Rousseau. She’s stubborn, feisty, and incredibly sexy. Not to mention heiress to an estate in his country, which makes her everyone’s front-page news.

While Sam tries to navigate the new world of politics and wealth, she will also have to dodge her growing feelings for Alex. Giving in to them means more than just falling in love; it would mean accepting the weight of an entire country on her shoulders.

A reluctant royal.
A playboy prince.
Cinderella has nothing on Sam.

This title will be released in January 2013

For more information about Nichole and her books check out her websites and sign up for her newsletter.

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Waiting on Wednesday Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.



Even though I am heartbroken that Orlando, Florida did not win the release party for Opal I simply cannot wait to red this installment of the series.  More Daemon Black... Yes please!

No one is like Daemon Black.

When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well... There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.

After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger... and they know it

This title will be released on December 11th, 2012 by Entagled Teen.


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Blog Tour Ever by Jessa Russo

Seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life has been on hold for the past two years. She’s secretly in love with her best friend Frankie, and he’s completely oblivious. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s dead, and waking up to his ghost every day has made moving on nearly impossible.

Frustrated and desperate for something real, Ever finds herself falling for her hot new neighbor Toby. His relaxed confidence is irresistible, and not just Ever knows it. But falling for Toby comes with a price that throws Ever’s life into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. More than hearts are on the line, and more than Ever will suffer.

Some girls lose their hearts to love.
Some girls lose their minds.
Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul.

Buy Ever here:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

My Summary:  

Ever Van Ruysdael (EVER) is your typical teenager except she has a ghost in her house.  Her best friend and the secret love of her life died but his spirit remained with her.  Somehow the bond they had before he died was so strong that it’s magically keeping them together.  

Frankie has been her friend forever and he has no clue Ever is in love with him.  The friendship they have is refreshing. Frankie is a funny guy and cares about his friend and her family.

Everything between them has now become a routine even thought is far from normal.  One day Ever notices someone has moved across from her house.  Intrigued by the new neighbor she finds Toby.

Toby fits the description of totally hot and dangerous but somehow makes Ever feel at ease.  Whatever started as a friendship has now flourished into a full blown rollercoaster.  Toby has a secret and Ever is in for the ride of her life. 
Frankie tries to warn her but will it be to late…

My Thoughts: 

As soon as I hit that first page I was hooked.  Ever is a refreshing tale of love, friendship and loyalty.  Ever is an example of self righteousness.   It was amazing to meet an insecure teenager blossom into a fiery young woman. 
I am sure that will see a bit more of her fire in the next installment and cannot wait to read what will happen next.  

It was hard not to fall for Frankie and Toby.  Frankie was the all American boy next door, with his quirky sense of humor and humbleness but Oh.Dear.God! Do we get a glimpse of the fire in him?  Toby was also red hot searing fire all the time but he has a hidden sweet side that we get to see towards the end.  

These boys are both swoon worthy and I hope to read more on them.  These are the images I pictured while reading the book 

To find out more about ever follow these links:

About the Author:

An unashamed super fan of all things paranormal romance, Jessa Russo reads, writes and breathes paranormal YA, rarely straying from her comfort zone. When not writing or reading, Jessa enjoys making memories with her awesome family and amazingly supportive friends, while secretly planning her next trip to New Orleans. She’s won a few flash fiction contests and had a short story published, but feels her greatest accomplishment is raising the coolest kid ever – a little girl with a Tim Burton obsession and a desire to save every animal she sees.

Jessa will always call Southern California home, where she lives with her husband Jon, their daughter Faith, Bronco the Great Dane and Lola the Chihuahua.

For more information about Jessa Russo follow these links:

Next on the Blog Tour:

11/13/2012 Laura Hughes
11/14/2012 Melissa Andrea 
11/15/2012 Ashley @ Firestar Books

Sharing the Love of YA

Why do I love YA?

My love for this genre started after reading Twilight. Yes I am one of those crazy chics that instantly fell in love with Edward Cullen and the promise of a forbidden love. 

The reason I absolutely love YA is because I think that my teenage years were amazingly good ones.  It is when I began to find myself, fell in love, got my heart broken, fell in love again, made new friends.  It is all part of a master plan in life and I think the foundation for every woman begins when she is a teenager.  It is also the reason I began blogging.  I never thought in a million years I would have a blog but loving these books so much I needed to spread the word around them.  I'm sure you have seen me going crazy rambling when I find an amazing read.

Reading YA makes me feel like a teenager again and remember those years of my life I love an cherish.   Falling in love with all these amazing authors and their characters is what pushes me to keep reading and blogging about them. 

It is purely gratifying to share my love for these books with my friends. We had made some really crazy things for those books such as street teams, rally's to get votes on the tournaments and now getting my state to vote for my favorite author to come over to my city. 

So there you go the love for YA goes a long way with me. 

If you want to share the Love of YA during the Month of November please visit the link below and follow the rules:

Freebie Sunday - Free books to feed your Kindle

On this Freebie Sunday ... I provide a few options to read this week. Just sit down relax in your favorite corner and read away.
Remember these books might not be free tomorrow, so hurry up and download your copy now.  Please read before downloading some of these books are not in the YA Genre.

The Hook-up Doctor's Guide by Nyrae Dawn

If you read Nyrae Dawn's What A Boy Wants and What A Boy Needs then this is a must for you.  The best part is it is free!

Sebastian Hawkins, known online as “The Hook up Doctor” is taking his advice column one step further with “The Hook-up Doctor Guide”. In this manual he’s revisiting some of his hardest cases along with dishing out brand new advice, too. Sebastian isn’t stopping with just these six specific cases either. He’s throw in some of Sebastian’s Rules to give girls extra advice on grabbing the guy of their dreams.

So if you've ever been a little lost on how to move out of the "friend territory" or make your BFF's brother see you as more than his little sister's friend, than this guide is for you.

For more from The Hook-up Doctor you can check out his story in WHAT A BOY WANTS.

Sometimes advice is much easier to give, than to put into action...

This is a short story companion which can be read before or after, WHAT A BOY WANTS.

Download your copy here:


Tempest by Holly Hook

Sixteen-year-old Janelle never thought the gray spiral birthmark on her arm meant anything special. But when gorgeous Gary materializes out of a hurricane right in front of her, that all changes, because he shares a marking exactly like hers.

When Gary shows her the truth about the curse they share, it's only the start of their nightmare.

Download your copy here:

The Queen Bee of Bridgeton by Leslie Dubois

When fifteen-year-old Sonya Garrison is accepted into the prestigious Bridgeton Academy, she soon discovers that rich girls are just as dangerous as the thugs in her home of Venton Heights. Maybe more so. After catching the eye of the star, white basketball player and unwittingly becoming the most popular girl in school, she earns the hatred of the three most ruthless and vindictive girls at Bridgeton. Can she defeat the reigning high school royalty? Or will they succeed in ruining her lifelong dream of becoming a world class dancer?

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

YA Movie News ...

Hello everyone I kind of dropped under the radar for two day, I had a lot of work and little time. I've been keeping a close eye on news regarding our favorite books becoming movies or series and this week we had a few more noise makers.

Black City by Elizabeth Richards has not even released yet and the rights to a movie have been purchased.  Yes you heard that right.  This is a trend I have been monitoring for quite a while now and it looks like ya books will be making big movie screen magic for a while. Screen Gems is the film company responsible for the purchase and is looking for a writer to work the adaptation.

A dark and tender post-apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war.

In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable—they fall in love. Bonded by a mysterious connection that causes Ash’s long-dormant heart to beat, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they’re caught, they’ll be executed—but their feelings are too strong.

When Ash and Natalie then find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to pull the humans and Darklings back into war, they must make hard choices that could result in both their deaths.

The Selection by Kiera Cass.  Earlier this year we had heard from that this YA novel would become a tv series.  Well finally we have an update.  Spoiler TV announced that The Selection reshoots will be starting early next year  Kiera posted on her blog that they will be announcing the chosen cast for the series.  Even though a pilot doesn't ensure the show will make it to the air we are just as excited for this.  Let's cross our fingers and hope that we get to see it soon.

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself--and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington has been picked up by the CW.  Hollywood Reporter has more news about this amazing revelation.

It starts with a whisper: "It's time for you to know who you are..."
On her 17th birthday, everything will change for Violet Eden. The boy she loves will betray her. Her enemy will save her. She will have to decide just how much she's willing to sacrifice.

Dangerously exciting and darkly romantic, EMBRACE is a compelling novel of good and evil, seductive desires and impossible choices. A centuries old war between fallen angels and the protectors of humanity chooses a new fighter. It's a battle Violet doesn't want, but she lives her life by two rules: don't run and don't quit. If angels seek vengeance and humans are the warriors, you could do a lot worse than betting on Violet Eden.

LINCOLN: He's been Violet's one anchor, her running partner and kickboxing trainer. Only he never told her he's Grigori—part human, part angel—and that he was training her for an ancient battle between Angels and Exiles. 

PHOENIX: No one knows where his loyalties lie, yet he's the only one there to pick up the pieces and protect her after Lincoln's lies. In a world of dark and light, he is all shades of gray.

Two sides: Angel or Exile.
Two guys: Lincoln or Phoenix.
The wrong choice could cost not only her life, but her eternity...

"In her YA paranormal romance debut, Jessica Shirvington combines "the badass-action of Vampire Academy, the complex love triangles of Twilight, and the angel mythology of Fallen, taken one step further." —Book Couture

"Shirvington's debut is smart, edgy and addictive—and sure to leave readers clamoring for the rest of the series."— Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

"One of the best YA novels we've seen in a while. Get ready for a confident, kick-butt, well-defined heroine." — RT Book Reviews