Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog

I am obsessed with the Young adult book genre.  My love for reading and writing goes back all the way to my teenage years.  

As a mother of three and in my late thirties, (there I said it!) it has been very hard to explain why I love reading books that target teenagers.  Specially my husband, who I quote "I wish I was one of those books or your laptop"

I absolutely love the pure genuine love this books evolve around.  In fact I love this genre so much that I have now embarked in my own new journey.

Juggling a full time job, three kids and a very demanding husband I have decided to write my own novel.  This dream of mine has not been easy to begin.

I have less hours to sleep at night, because it is the only time I have peace and quiet.  I obsess daily about my new world and always carry my laptop and a notebook with me to scribble away.

Come join me in this journey through wonderful worlds that include pure love, paranormal and other incredible stuff.


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