Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

Holy Crappola!!!! I saw the Hunger Games movie last night with friends from work.  Most of us had already read the books so we had our anticipated scenes in mind.  Personally this movie blew my mind away everything was done to perfection, the acting, the costumes, the scenery and wow great special effects.

The opening

I need to start with the music.  This story int he first book is very sad, the music goes perfect with the first installment.  The music ranges from heart stopping, tear shredding lullaby's to suspense scores that made me sit in the tip of my seat.  The first scene with Katniss and Primrose shows us just how close this sisters are and how innocent a 12 year old girl can be.  Having said that the district 12 set up was just like I imagined.  There are many shots that clearly state how poor this people are,  broken houses, worn out clothing and the look of uncertainty in everyone faces. 

The Reaping
Having all those trailers out there with the scene did not prevent me from choking and quietly sobbing in my seat.  This was heartbreaking to watch, knowing what had to be done Katniss replaces for her sister by volunteering as tribute.  The goodbye is true to the book with an extra scene with Gale that shows non readers how close these two have been in the past.

The Capitol
OMG! So many colors and costumes for Halloween.  I loved every single fake eyelash, make up was magnificent and the city was mesmerizing. This was also very close to how Katniss described in the book.

Let me say Josh Hutcherson no more.  He is a young man and he looks HOT! as a blonde.  There could never be a better choice for Peeta.  Josh is true to the character, gentle, funny and humbling.  From the get go he won my heart.  Those sad puppy eyes really get to a womans heart.

Liam is okay, even though he is very handsome he did well.  I was expecting to see him more because the creators of the movie kept saying he had more scenes in the movie than the book.

We all knew that Jennifer Lawrence would do justice to our Katniss and she did. She had to be the perfect match for our main kick ass character.  Strong, beautiful and intrepid.

The rest of the cast was excellent as well. Lenny blew me away, Effie was funny, Heimlich was really something. President Snow just as evil and stomach wrenching as the book.

I loved this movie and I am definitely watching it again many many times.

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