Monday, January 14, 2013

Lazy Monday


Sit back and relax in your favorite corner because today is lazy Monday.  That dreaded first day of a long week and in order to survive it you need to forget about it.  I always have a new TBR pile every Monday that promises to take me to new places and escape a crazy day.


I have been missing in action after my vacation and this week I am getting back on track.  I will be doing a lot of book reviews and back to reading once again.  If you want to join me reading and commenting about these books feel free to leave a comment here or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  Hope to hear from all you soon! 

This is my TBR list for this week...

Up to me by M. Leighton

Product Details 


All Over you by Emily Snow

All Over You (Devoured)


Rule by Jay Crownover



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