Sunday, January 8, 2012

When Bad Reviews hurt Authors and their Fans

Usually The Young Adult genre has a lot of drama when it comes to juicy stories.  After all these books are made for teenagers about teenage situations right!  

Somehow the drama spilled over from the books onto the authors vs. reviewers.  

Recently I have noticed many authors blogging about unfair and scathing reviews.  For some reason a series of unfortunate events (back and forth with authors, fans and the reviewer) has made a loud roar around blogs and Twitter.   

It seems that some reviewers were not expecting the authors to actually read or comment about their review.  Well Hello!!! If you write and then post something on the world wide web it will forever recorded for everyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone to read.

Therefore be true to your opinion but not unkind.   Put yourself in the authors shoes, it is extremely hard to create a book and get published.  Whenever you read a book you are peeking into someones mind and wild imagination.  If you don't like the book give your honest review but there is no need to attack or disrespect anyone.  
Remember what you post online will be there forever!  Everything started in good reads.  

A reviewer posted a very straightforward and offensive review:

"These sample pages ENRAGE me.

This BS is exactly what we DON'T need to inflict on feminism today. The attitude to feminism that this book has is the same as the masses; that all feminists are angry, man-hating bitches with nothing better to do than to moan. Apparently we're all lesbians, too, because the only reason anyone would be a lesbian would be to escape men - it wouldn't simply be because they're naturally attracted to other women. Why, no! How preposterous!

Feminism is the desire to achieve gender equality in society, from a female perspective. It judges the role women play in society and works to change and balance it with that of men. There's none of this angry man-hating; that's a stereotype, and a dreadful stigma that blights modern feminism."

This is just a quote from the review it goes on and on and on.   Below are some of the posts I have seen that caught my attention and helped me write about this issue.

From Goodreads: (where it all started)

From Twitter:
Rachel Caine Author of Morganville Vampires wrote today:

Rachel Caine

I referenced my 1-star ratings for Glass Houses for a response to a reader, and ZOMGZ, those are some awesomely catty 1-stars, y'all.
On the Blogosphere: 
Julie Kagawa Author of The Iron Fey Series
Karen Hooper Author of Tangled Tides
I could keep posting about all the drama that spilled over the Internet with Authors, fans  and agents striking back.  It is frustrating to see this and for those authors out there suffering the wrath of opinionated negative readers please ignore the reviews.  You will always have both sides good fans and haters. 
If you want to read about what when on this week follow this link:

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  1. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The people who are giving these negative reviews also need to take a moment and realize you are criticizing someone's life work. They need to do it with courtesy and respect. On the other hand author's need to also realize when your work is published and out there for the world to read not everyone is going to like it. They need to take the negative review just like the positive one's and move forward. Not fight back with a reader that is ridiculous.