Monday, October 31, 2011

YA Book Inspired Costumes for Halloween

It is very interesting to find that many costumes out there today will be inspired by YA Books.  I have found many but will post five top costumes that are inspired by our beloved books.

1.  Twilight
Here comes the glitter, fangs and hair.  I have seen more inspired accessories in stores especially Edward Cullen's hairstyle.  I am sure we will have our share of vampire Edwards tonight.


2.  Harry Potter
This wizard has been a costume inspiration for quite a while.  My now 12 year old son was harry potter five years ago.  He has grown to read the books and enjoy the movies.  Of course there are also sexy Hermione versions of the costume now.

3.  Mortal Instruments
Movie Buzz anyone!  this series is coming up on the big screen and new fans are being born as you read this.  People that were not aware of the books have know been enveloped by the story. I have told friends and they have told friends who are now reading the books and fallen in love with our favorite shadow hunters.

Based on the books I have noticed online people getting tattoos of the runes.  For Halloween you can pretend you are a shadow hunter and paint some runes yourself.  This picture is fan art I found online and I love it!  Oh Please let me see at least movie posters!

4.  Greek Mythology
Starcrossed is one of my favorite books.  Forbidden love! oh the pain.  You can become a Greek Goddess in training tonight and portray your inner Diva.

5. Hunger Games

I love me some Peeta!!!  Another Movie Buzz!! with the posters out and the costume reveal we are sure to see many Katniss Everdeen's and other characters from the books and now movie.

Is it next year yet!


I hope you have some last minute inspiration for your costume.


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