Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Review

Every Twihard fan has already seen the movie and perhaps more than once.  I am scheduled for a second viewing with friends. So why would I go see it again?

It is the best installment of the saga so far.  Special effects, visuals, music, acting has gotten far better than before.  I guess the actors are more comfortable and familiar with their characters.  My favorite part (even though I am Team Jacob) is the honeymoon scene (swoon)  it is amazing.  Here is hoping that the dvd will have the original uncut scene.

The wedding was absolutely breath taking, the dress beautiful and those speeches hilarious.  Don't hate Jessica!  It was truly what I envisioned when reading the book.

So far I cannot wait to see what comes next and there have been some rumors that during the Hunger Games we will see a preview of Breaking Dawn part 2.  Also I have heard some rumors that there will be a Part 3???

So give me your thoughts on this?


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