Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daemon Invasion Tour - Orlando Stop

You have probably heard about #DaemonInvasion by now.  The web has been roaring for the past months about this tour.  Jennifer L. Armentrout signed up for a tour across Georgia and Florida.  

I was lucky enough that one of the stops was near my work location.  With careful planning I escaped from my boss and headed to the event to meet the talented author. 

I am a new blogger and this was my first author event.  I had all these plans and questions to ask.  My camera was ready to take video and pictures and then the worst happened.  I became that "fangirl"  shocked to see one of her favorite authors and time froze. I'm telling you, palms sweating, heart racing and somehow I completely lost my voice.  So I sucked big time!  

I went along with four friends who are definitely not shy (Yes! you know you're not) and they kept pushing me to talk or do something but no luck there. All I was able to do was take pictures and video hiding behind the camera and hoping my nerves would go away.

I am so excited I was able to attend hence my nerves everything was beautifully managed.  Jennifer is a sweetheart and I couldn't be more happy to have met her.  She was funny, humble and eager to meet us all.  She was asked so many questions and she replied to all of them with a smile.  Pepe is more handsome in person than you can imagine.  Stella is simply gorgeous.  The chemistry between these two is no lie and they are so cute together all we could do is say ohhs and ahhs.

All I want to say is I will keep on reading and following Jennifer in all her future endeavors and can't wait for you guys to read Onyx.  You won't be disappointed.

Below are some pictures of the event and stay tuned for more pics & video.




  1. AHHH! I'm so jealous! I wish I could've met them! Pepe and Sztella are the cutest couple ever!

    new follower :)

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