Friday, July 20, 2012

Vote Aiden in YA-Sisterhood Crush Tournament!

Hey guys,

Today has really been a fun day.  The YA sisterhood tournament turned a boring day at work into full obsession for getting more votes for Aiden. My friends and I made sure to go computer by computer and have everyone vote for Aiden.  Even my male boss voted but don't tell him.

Team Aiden #YACrushTourney

Sometimes you come across an amazing story and absolutely obsess  fall in love with the characters.  Well this is it for me The Covenant series is an amazing story that will keep you reading and wanting more.  That's why I've decided to throw my few cents in here and convince you guys to vote #TeamAiden.

Follow the link below and please vote.  Support the amazing Jennifer Armentrout and her work by showing some love to our fictional boyfriend here.

There are some amazing incentives and they have already made me *Swoon.  I can't wait for Daemons turn.

Go #TeamAiden

Here are some incentives by the author in support the love on twitter. 

What are you waiting for GO VOTE NOW!

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