Sunday, July 22, 2012

Freebie Sunday

The Chocolate Gravy Queen

By:  Memphis Layne

My name is Memphis Autumn Layne and I live in Lickskillet, Alabama, on the corner of Moontown Road and Butter and Egg Lane. No joke. But don’t get the wrong idea; I’m not a backwoods hillbilly, even though I do come from a long line of rednecks and hicks. There is a big difference between a hillbilly and a redneck, you know.

Oh, and just to set the record straight right from the start; contrary to popular belief (i.e., the movie Sweet Home Alabama ) we don't eat bologna cake here - that's sick! I'd never even heard of it before that movie! We prefer cheeseburger pie or a fried Twinkie and, most importantly, chocolate gravy! Although that does remind me of the story my Momma told me about how my Uncle Jeremiah, when he was little, snuck some bologna into church, stood on the front pew and......OK, I'm chasing a rabbit now, as my grandpa likes to say. Back to the subject, which is me.

One thing you need to know – I am going to be a big country music star one day. I know this because my great-grandma Patty Lou said so when I was just a little girl and all the family knows that her visions are surprisingly accurate. Also because I have become an overnight news sensation. You are probably wondering how a young redneck nobody could have all the news channels begging for an interview and that is what I will let you in on a little later.

Oh yeah, my name. Most people wonder about my name. I was named
Memphis cause that’s where I was born. And my middle name is Autumn cause I was born in late October. Momma and Daddy had gone to Memphis to look at a car and decided that they wanted to visit Graceland too. Momma’s water broke, two weeks early, right there on The King’s property.

Of course that was back in the days when Momma and Daddy were still young and in love and married. They divorced last year and me, Momma and my little sister Maddie, aka – The Rat, had moved in with my grandparents ‘for a short spell’ that was turning into a long spell it seemed.

So much has happened in my life in such a short time. The past couple of months could have provided material for a hundred episodes of some bizarre reality show. A redneck version of The Osbornes or Hogan Knows Best – only we are poor and nobody, except maybe Uncle Elroy and Aunt Mirtle, knows anything about wrestling….

There have been wonderful, magical moments - and some absolutely awful and painful ones. Dark secrets have been uncovered, lies have been told, hearts have been broken and miracles have occurred. I’ve done a lot of growing up. Some of the stuff that’s happened, well, you just flat won’t believe. Like how I became known as The Chocolate Gravy Queen and why I consider it to be such an honor – and how I was almost murdered.
Anyway, I won’t bore you with all the details of my life since my birth, which my Momma assures me was long and painful on that October day in Memphis, so I’ll just back-track about a month to when the story starts getting real interesting and when I got my first real taste of the stage…

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The Crib

By: Sunil Bhatia

At his parent's guesthouse, Prem Pilot is about to go all the way for the first time with a girl he barely knows. The only thing stopping him is company in the form of a teenage girl sprawled across the floor unconscious with an empty container of pills. Frantic, Prem does all he can to save her and slowly learns how complicated life, love, and friendship can really be.

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The Fate of Destiny (Fates #1)

By: Danielle Bourbon

Up until three days before her eighteenth birthday, Farris Landry's life fit neatly into three categories: consuming, troublesome and downright tricky.

Consuming because of the unnatural passion (obsession) she had for writing 'stories'.

Troublesome for the mother who descended into the realm of the insane right before her eyes.

Tricky when she found herself on her own, forced to carve out an existence by the skin of her teeth.

Farris quickly discovers that consuming-troubling-tricky is nothing compared to the Chaos that ensues after a visit to her grandmother. Determined to go on with her life, Farris finds out the hard way that sometimes, Fate has other ideas. In the blink of an eye, her life gets turned upside down: a tornado rips through town, her loft catches fire, and an explosion decimates her workplace.

A stranger, Emerson Ferrera, inserts himself into the violence, becoming guardian and protector. Farris begins to suspect her grandmother's warning of impending death might more serious than she thought.

Tragedy and betrayal follow, throwing Farris into a tailspin. Will she be able to trust the stranger she's become close to, or will his deception tear them apart?

Find out if Farris' writing obsession is just a unique gift or a clue to a talent with a more supernatural twist in The Fate of Destiny, book #1 in the Fates series.

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