Monday, July 16, 2012

Lazy Monday

What is Lazy Monday?  That day we all hate because its the beginning of a long week.  How to make it better? With Love YA Books Forever Lazy Monday Post of course.  Just sit back and relax .

On Mondays I will recommend book reads for the week.  With previews of upcoming books.  Book Trailers and Movie adaptation news.


The Host' first look: Jake Abel on playing Ian, working with Stephenie Meyer -- EXCLUSIVE

You might or might not  be aware that Stephenie Meyer wrote another book.  It is not about vampires but aliens.  I have to add is a pretty good one.  She is currently on location filming and directing this upcoming adaptation of her book.

EW has an article about the movie 


City of Bones Movie Update

I have been following TMI Source which has updates about casting and movie updates for this film.  So far the have the main characters and we are yet awaiting filming news.  I cannot wait to see movie posters or a movie trailer for this one.  Yeeep!!!


Lily Collins will play Clary
Jamie Campbell Bower will play Jace
Robert Sheehan will play Simon
Jemima West will play Isabelle
Kevin Durand will play Pangborn
Robert Maillet will play Blackwell


Alec has been cast–but Cassandra Clare is sworn to secrecy until they work his schedule out
Jocelyn has been cast–the studio is just working out her schedule
The studio has agreed on a Magnus but they have to officially offer the role to said actor
The remaining major roles all have actors in serious consideration

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