Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review - Mouch and Company: The Dream Psychic

Being a teenager is tough enough, but try it when you have schizophrenia and psychic abilities that make all of your imaginary friends real... The odds are against Mouch-he's locked up in Talsom Mental Asylum; his only friends are a sock puppet and his shadow. Worst of all, he suffers from amnesia; his earliest memory is of being found alone in a mall wearing nothing but a pair of polka-dotted boxer shorts, a pair of fluffy white bunny slippers, and a hat made from a newspaper.... and covered in a generous amount of blood. When an elderly gentleman visits him and reveals that Mouch is not crazy but is actually a psychic, Mouch does what any rational person would do-he runs for the door. Once outside of Talsom, Mouch soon finds himself thrust into a battle against a sinister movement of dark psychics who threaten to destroy the entire psychic community.


My Summary 

Mouch and Company is a story about a schizophrenic boy that has psychic abilities. His best friends are very different from what you expect. The interactions between the characters was well written and my favorite is Sherman (a sock puppet) yes you read that right.

The story evolves into an epic fight against evil when Mouch has to fight to survive and defeat the dark psychics that want to destroy him and every other like him.

My Thoughts

I was amazed when I first started reading at how fast the story pulled me in.  I have never read a graphic novel before and I think I absolutely love them.  This story is a page turner and you will not stop laughing.  It is witty, funny and exciting to read.

This story has it all it’s a combination of fantasy and supernatural.  It will keep the reader pulled into the story and create a bond with each of the characters.  You will find yourself pulling for our hero and his journey to save the world good psychics.

Bob Dixon when is book two coming out.   I need to find out what happens next?

About the Author

Bob Dixon is a a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest cartoon strip. He has created and written a number of comic book titles for Pocket Change Comics, including Assassinette: The Mind Stalker, Psyco Duck, Jester's Dead, The Holy Knight, Riplash, Shadow Slasher, and Warzone 3719. He has written two children books, Rooty the Tree Troll and Holiday Bunny. In addition, Bob is a certified special education teacher who works with children who have emotional behavior disabilities.

You can find Bob here:  Facebook - Webpage

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