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Review: Blackbrooke by Emma Silver


Review: Blackbrooke by Emma Silver

I live in Blackbrooke and you would have had to be living under a rock to never have heard of it before now. This town is different to most others…Humans aren’t the only residents…”

The residents of Blackbrooke share their town with the Creatures, or Crits as they are known. Grotesque, roaming the streets at night looking for food, their presence means humans have to live by the Rules, keeping them indoors and forbidding them of basic desires.

The most important Rule?

Don’t be a ‘walk out’!

Straight-A student, Liberty Connor, hates the Crits and the endless Rules she and her tight knit group of friends have to live by.

Planning her new life on the Outside with her boyfriend, Gabriel, Liberty whiles away her days waiting to turn 18, so they can leave and be free. That is, until the world she thinks she knows begins to unravel…

Her friends start to walk out. So she’s told. However, something’s not right. Things don’t add up.

Liberty faces a race against time to discover what’s going on with the Creatures of Blackbrooke.

Is it them she has to fear, or something much closer to home?

Blackbrooke is a Young Adult horror novel that has you on the edge of your seat.

My Summary


This book simply blew my mind away and scared me crapless.  It gets so tense at times you have no idea how many times I had to stop and walk away.  That is how good this book really is. 

Blackbrooke is about a 17 year old Liberty, she is a well behaved girl that always follows the Rules. She understands these rules are meant to keep her alive and has her life plan set to move out of this town as soon as she turns 18.   In Blackbrooke no one goes out at night because at this time there are creatures called Crits that threaten their lives. 

Unfortunately the curiosity drives our main character to team up with her best friends an adventure off into the unknown to question and find out what’s really behind all the creepy stories in Blackbrooke.  Are they crazy don’t they watch scary movies!

Well it is then in this adventure they take that things get hmm a little complicated.  


My thoughts


Emma Silver has created a world unlike any other out there.  I absolutely loved reading her story and the character development.  I can assure you once you start you won’t want to stop reading because you need to know what will happen next. 

I truly believe we need more writers like Emma to create something different than our typical stories out there.  Not that I don’t love my vampires I do but this was a refreshing new read that completely blew me away.  This was so out of my comfort zone and I am surprised how much I liked it.

            5 out of 5 hearts

About the Author

Emma was born and raised in Manchester, England.

Blackbrooke is her debut young adult horror novel after spending many years honing her skills drafting short stories and devouring horror through the ages from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps collection through to Stephen King.

Blackbrooke is the Part I of the Blackbrooke Trilogy.

Emma is also the author of a semi-biographical account of her dad’s years in a rock band in the 1970s, Driving Exile.

She gets most of her ideas and is inspired by music and also the fighting spirit of young people who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm and stand up for what they believe in. This fleeting ‘moment’ in life is what she tries to capture in her writing.

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