Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daemon Invasion 2.0 Please come to Orlando

Nominate Your City for the OPAL Release Party!

Entangled Teen has initiated a contest for the Release of Opal titled Daemon Invasion 2.0.  The contest consists of nominations for city stops by submitting a blurb, photos or any other creative way the fans can think of.

I jumped on the boat on this one because this is by far one of my favorite series. I have shared the love for this story with my friends and the following has grown amazingly quick. To view my post on Daemon Invasion for this year and their stop in Orlando please visit this link:

Last year we had an amazing time hosting the Onyx release in Orlando.  Barnes and Noble at Waterford Lakes was packed and I had the opportunity to be there and witness all the craziness first hand.  We had fans that were little, tweens, teens, young adults and not so young adults.

After introducing Jennifer and her books to my friends they are quite as crazy as them as me and we now swoon over every picture or video tease the author posts about Daemon.  We cannot wait to see them again.

This year we would love to have the Opal Release Tour stop by Orlando the difference we have double the fans this year.  With our help and the amazing street teams we will bring down the house for Jennifer Armentrout and the amazing Pepe (DAEMON).

So please vote for our city of Orlando, Florida once voting is open to everyone.  I will post the link on the blog for you guys once it goes live.

Thanks for your support an enjoy the little video we have created for this contest.

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